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Love Spells / Spell Casting

Love Spells / Spell Casting

Bring Back My Lover Spell/Casting $60.00 Per Casting

Having trouble with your spouse/lover? Have they been straying or not giving you the attention & love you desire? Are you suffering from a relationship separation? The "Bring Back My Lover Spell/Casting" is designed to help those in your situation.

"Get away from my lover" Spell/Casting $60.00 Per Casting

This Spell/Casting is great for many different situations. Do you have a spouse that may be cheating? Or are you in love with someone who just can't seem to get over their ex? This Spell/Casting is designed to help influence the energies around the situation and drive the "third party" away.

"Love Potion No. 9" Spell/Casting $60.00 Per Casting

This Spell/Casting is named after one of our favorite songsand for good reason! This Spell/Casting is designed for someone that may be having tough luck finding that special someone! Let us send creative energies of confidence, love and attraction all around you. This effects your "aura" and will begin bringing and attracting eligible partners your way!

Love & Romance Spell/Casting $60.00 Per Casting

This Spell/Casting is designed to help draw a target person more toward you. Energies are sent out around this person, influencing dreams, thoughts, and emotions. This can work in various types of situations.

Seduction & Lust Spell/Casting $60.00 Per Casting

This Spell/Casting will send energies to assist in making you and your partner more attracted to each other sexually. Creative energies of seduction will be cast in your favor. Get ready to light up the candles and have a good night!

Custom Love Spell/Casting $100.00 Per Casting

This service entails a specific Spell/Casting request designed for your personal and specific needs.

Love Spells / Custom Love Spells by Christopher