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Luck / Finance Spells / Castings

Luck  Finance Spells

Business Prosperity Spell/Casting $60.00 Per Casting

Regardless of if you are starting a business or trying to bring more revenue in to an existing one, this Spell/Casting is performed to help bring a more heavy flow of positive energy and luck to your business.

Education Success Spell/Casting $60.00 Per Casting

Education can be challenging. This Spell/Casting is created for any kind of situation pertaining to education challenges involving studies and improved concentration. Are you working toward that degree? Or are your children having trouble with their studies? This casting is designed to help increase any situation pertaining to education success.

Luck Spell/Casting $60.00 Per Casting

This Spell/Casting was created to help bring more fortunate luck energies toward you. They will help push the chances of more positive "lucky" change in your life path.

Money Spell/Casting $60.00 Per Casting

Everyone can use a little positive energy pushed toward their finances. This Spell/Casting increases positive energies around your financial situation.

Sell My Property Spell/Casting $60.00 Per Casting

This Spell/Casting was created to help assist in selling a property. It does not make a difference whether residential or commercial. We send immense positive energies around the property to help lure more potential buyers your way.

Sports Team Luck Spell/Casting $30.00 Per Casting

Some of us are obsessed with certain teams or know someone who is! Influence the chances of your favorite team winning the upcoming game with this influencial Spell/Casting. This Spell/Casting works just as well with any type of sport's team (Football, Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, Etc.)

Custom Spell/Casting $100.00 Per Casting

This service entails a specific Spell/Casting request designed for your personal and specific needs.


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