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Ordering Spells / About Christopher

Ordering Spells / policy

If you have any questions pertaining to which Spell/Casting would fit your situation best you can send us an email. You will be directed to our assistant, who can help with any questions/concerns you have over your order.


After payment is received, your Spell/Casting will be placed into the next available casting time in our schedule. You will be contacted by our Casting Practitioner, Christopher, who will explain the details of the specific Spell/Casting. Here will be where you can provide the photos and birth dates if needed.

Most of the castings take around an hour or longer to perform, and we will provide you the time and date of when they will be completed. After the casting is completed you will receive one more confirmation email from the Casting Practitioner to wrap things up.

Email correspondence has to be kept to a minimum in order to maintain the high quality service available for all of our clients.

Chat with spell casterIf you want to discuss your specific situation live with our practitioner, you can consider booking a 20 minute Yahoo Messenger Chat session. The cost is $25 USD

Once you've ordered your chat session, we will contact you with the details regarding the scheduling and contact information.

Most castings will require your active and physical cooperation. This usually will be a photo of yourself, and/or the target person. Along with the birthdays of whoever is involved with the casting. It is also highly encouraged that once a casting is setup that you meditate and focus on your intetions as well during the scheduled time and after. The more you do this the more your energy combines with our practitioner's and will yield better results.

We do not ask for any personal information (SSC, debit/credit card numbers.) Anyone asking for this type of information could potentially be an identity theif. We only use (Paypal) for payment, which provides a completly safe transaction every time.

About Christopher / Our Practitioner

With over 10 years of experience in casting spells & energies Christopher was born in the sunshine state of Florida (USA). He has always had a warmth and love of Nature and Mother Earth. In his early years, he was brought up in the Christian faith. As he grew closer to maturity, something seemed to lack out of the faith he had been conditioned into believing.
"It felt like there was some kind of truth I was missing out on. I could feel it in my soul," he usually responds when discussing the matter. From that point on he began a journey of self and universal discovery.

"The amazing part was the first time I asked for the truth, I found it all around me. Realizing the connection we share; the energy that constantly flows abundantly around each and everyone of our lives, it's an empowering truth that helped me gain more control of my life. Along with that gift, it gave me a way to help other people.

Not only assist people by affecting situations and outcomes, but to also bring awareness of these universal energies and their power. The more people that become aware of this Universal Spirituality the closer we are to a perfect earth. We are all connected."

After many years of study, and experience, he now has become a very powerful energy practitioner. A private practitioner, he performs castings solitary in a sacred space (which is a set aside room with alters/crystals that is used only for casting and meditation). When not performed in the room, he prefers to perform them in nature; By the ocean, In the forest, etc.

"Nature and the Universe is the truth and power- some call this god. It is the true Magick we speak of. Observe the power of a thunderstorm, or the strength of the ocean, even when the winds blow. These are all great examples of Magick. I harness this natural energy regardless of where I cast. It is the most beautiful, positive, radiant energy you can expell.

I have been through a lot in my life, and I stand here today smiling and more positive than ever. One thing I have observed is that when we learn about the truth of the Universe and realize the energy that surrounds us, and we learn how to harness/call upon it, we can overcome any experience and come out smiling on top!"

In his free time Christopher continues to enjoy spending time outdoors. Still residing in Florida (USA) he gets the opportunity to participate in kayaking, swimming, walking, and jogging. These are just a few of the activities he actively participates in. He also is an avid gardener and a family man.

"When I'm caring for my garden outside, it just brings me even more sense of connection with nature. Nuturing and watering my flowers is almost a therapy for me. I give them my loving energy and care, and they send it right back. It's a hobby of mine that will never die!"

Christopher has never been happier to be able to help other people in their journeys now. He can perform all different types of castings and spells depending on each unique circumstance.

"Sending everything out in love and light is very important. There is not much need to cast out negative energies!
I hope that all my clients remember, that this is not my power, this is the universe's power. I am only giving it a push for you! I am honored and blessed to be able to help people, and I look forward to speaking with you soon!"

Client Reviews

"Christopher, thank you so much. The peace your Spell/Casting has brought me is priceless. Thank you for restoring my sanity and helping me to believe in myself once again. Sending you my gratitude always." - MA
Spell Casting "Thank you so much for your work! I am so appreciative of your help and the positive vibes you have sent to my situation. Truly amazing, thank you!" - TK
Spell Casting "Universal Spells & Castings is highly recommended! I ordered 2 seperate castings and saw results very quickly. Not only have my customers doubled since the castings, but my husband and I have grown closer again. Thank you Christopher!" - AT
Spell Casting "These people are the real deal, and they are more affordable than some of the previous sites I use to use! Thanks again!" -- DT
Spell Casting
"I purchased a gift certificate for my Mother's birthday. She was thrilled when I gave it to her! She ranted and raved about how fantastic the service is, and what a joy Christopher was. She saw results after a month or so! Keep up the great work guys!" -- JR
Spell Casting "Not only do they know how to cast spells accurately, they are extreemly knowledgable in all spiritual and religious aspects. I didn't just have a spell casted, I also learned quite a bit more than I ever knew! Definitly highly recommended!" -- HR
Spell Casting "Due to some extremly painful unfortunate circumstances I purchased an emotional healing Spell/Casting. After speaking with Christopher and especially after the casting was complete I began to feel such a powerful positive change. Thank you more than you can ever know. I will always recommend your services above all others!" -- PL
Spell Casting "I purchased one of the general positive energy influence Spells/Castings. I am very satisfied with the results, my anxiety has lessened, and I am actually starting to feel happy again. The whole experience was truly a pleasure, thanks guys!" -- JR
Spell Casting "I can truly say I am now a believer of energy and the Universe. I was skeptical at first, but after the casting was completed I was surpised at how fast my girlfriend reached out to me. We are happily back together now, thank you Christopher and Universal Spells & Castings!"
-- SB
Spell Casting "I ordered a Karma Spell/Casting to teach my cheating husband a little lesson. After the spell was completed I was surpised at the results. He lost a precious family heirloom, got a $300.00 speeding ticket, and smashed his phone screen! Definitly worth the money and highly recommended!" -- TB

Performing your Spells and Castings is an an honor and a privilege.