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Spell Casting FAQ's

Spell Casting FAQ's

Can you purchase gift certificates?
Gift certificates are available upon request. Choose the Spell/Casting you desire, and specify VIA email that your purchase is for a gift certficate. Your certificate will be emailed in an attachment for you to print and share as you please.

There will be a code on the gift certificate, this is all the recipient needs to provide us to have their castings/services performed for them. The gift certificates do not expire until a year after purchase.
Can you still perform a spell casting without a photo of everyone involved?
Yes we can, we would at least need your full name, and their full name. Just a first name or a nickname doesn't give us enough to be able to send the intentions to the desired target.
Is there a difference between a casting and a spell?
These are merely two words that mean the same exact thing. They both consist of a period of meditation and focus in which the caster performs to achieve a desired effect. Many people around the world even perform "castings" without even realizing it. Many religions actively participate in prayer, this even is a form of a spell/casting.

When the person is focusing in prayer they are visualizing and asking "God, the Source, Etc." for protection of oneself and their family members, for love, etc. This is sending out energy vibrations into the universe to achieve the desired effect!
Do you perform Black/Dark Magic?
No, we do not perform black/dark Magic. However depending on certain situations we can create a counterpart spell that can work just as well. This would be considered more of a "Grey Magic." Meaning that the casting will give Karma a little push toward whoever has wronged you.

Anyone that has created harm for you will reap the percussions, but anyone who hasn't will not be affected whatsoever.
If I have sent a message and haven't received anything in 24-72 hours what does this mean?
We respond to each and everyone of our client emails generally within 24-72 hours. If you haven't received a response email after that time period, try to check your email's spam folder, sometimes the emails will get placed into that folder.

If it is still not in there, try resending the message to us. We will get in touch with you as quickly as we can.
What is a "casting?"
When we say "casting" first of all this pertains to the meaning of "sending" energy. Energy is constantly around us, it powers our homes it runs our cars. Did you ever think that this energy also controls the tides, controls the weather?

Everything in this universe consists of energy. (Energy - An adequate or abundant amount of such power.) Power to change our lives and the world around us. When someone reaches a certain level of spirituality, they will learn how to harness this power. We intent and direct these energies in a casting to create a desired outcome. Intent is a foce that exists in the universe.

When sorcerers (those who live of the source) beckon intent, it comes to them and sets up the path for attainment, which means that sorcerers always accomplish what they set out to do. This is what a casting truly means, we can cast this energy to help you in whatever diverse situation you may be needing help in.
What is Magic?
When we think of "Magic" we often think about Disneyworld, the fairy god mother perhaps, maybe even a wicked witch! Now wouldn't it be awesome if this type of "Magic" really existed! Unfortunatly the true "Magic" is not like the kind you see in the movies. The amazing part is that "Magic" is real. When I found this out in the beginning of my spiritual journey I was in astonishment. No, Magic is not something that can be casted and instantly all of your desires and dreams come true. But when harnassing its true potential you have the power to change your life.

Firstly you must understand that Magic is a way to "engage" the power of your mind, soul, subconscious and spirit. Magic in essence is the use and control of natural energies to produce and effect needed change. There are three basic sources of natural energy or power used: Personal Power, Earth Power and Divine Power.
What is the average time frame for your spells/castings to work?
As soon as we perform the spell casting the energies are immediatly being sent out to you, the target person, and whatever obstacle we are trying to overcome. We provide many different types of castings and this can vary depending on what we are exactly doing.

Now free will and fate always has it's hand in everyones life path, so we cannot guarentee a specific change. But this energy helps build up the chances of whatever we are trying to make occur. The energy can influence and inspire people to make certain decisions, and also increase the probability of physcial changes in your life.

Over the years of our expierience, we have observed sometimes it can take a few weeks all the way up to a year to see a change. This all depends on Universal powers, free will, and fate. Reguardless of the outcome, when ordering a casting from us we hope many positive changes will pop up and surprise you!
What is the rule of three you speak of?
The rule of three is a rule those of us that practice Magic follow religiously. It is quite simple, Three; Pertaining to Body, Mind, and Spirit. When performing a casting (Or whenever you take any type of physical action on this planet) everything will return back to you mind, body, and spirit.

That is why when we are performing a casting for you that we need your active participation in it as well. To complete the rule of three we must cast out the energies through the mind, soul, and make changes with the "body" meaning physically. So the more participation, the better chances for a manifested change!
Why do you ask to provide a photo of myself and/or my target person to be able to perform the casting?
The reason we usually recommend that we get a photo of you, and/or your target person is because this helps us focus the intentions and make sure that it is sent to the correct person. As one of the other questions on the FAQ asks we do not exactly require a photo, but this is highly, highly recommended to get the best "bang for your buck" from our castings.
Why do you not provide a phone number on your website?
For us we limit communications stricty to email and occasionally instant messaging. This way we never have to Jot anything down while listening on the phone. We can refer back to all our emails with our clients. This makes things a lot easier for both us, and you!
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