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White Magic Spells/Castings

White Magic Spells

Emotional Healing Spell/Casting $60.00 Per Casting

This casting is designed for those who have gone through extreem emotional trauma. Sometimes the emotions of past events can create an intense hold over your life. This Spell/Casting is designed to help rid the negative energies that have a hold over you. It can aid in helping you move on with your life path by bringing more chances for positive change.

"Get away from my lover" Spell/Casting $60.00 Per Casting

This Spell/Casting is great for many different situations. Do you have a spouse that may be cheating? Or are you in love with someone who just can't seem to get over their ex? This Spell/Casting is designed to help influence the energies around the situation and drive the "third party" away.

"Love Potion No. 9" Spell/Casting $60.00 Per Casting

This Spell/Casting is named after one of our favorite songs and for good reason! This Spell/Casting is designed for someone that may be having tough luck finding that special someone! Let us send creative energies of confidence, love and attraction all around you. This effects your "aura" and will begin bringing and attracting eligible partners your way!

Forgiveness Spell/Casting $60.00 Per Casting

This Spell/Casting is designed to increase forgiveness energies- either for someone to forgive your mistake, or to help you forgive someone else. Use this to boost the energies so the life path lessons can be worked through- This aids in letting go and moving on- bringing more positivity back in your life path!

General Positive Energy Influence Spell/Casting $60.00 Per Casting

In this Spell/Casting we are sending you or your desired target person an extreme amount of positive energy. This can affect all aspects of life, in only good ways of course!

Health Improvement Spell/Casting $60.00 Per Casting

This Spell/Casting was created to influence an increase in one's over-all health. A combination of a few different intentions help the spiritual energies around you work harder on healing from specific heath issues. This spell includes a focus on your seven physical energy points/chakras. Combined with proper medical care, this Spell/Casting can help boost healing time!

Improve My Family Spell/Casting $60.00 Per Casting

In this Spell/Casting we are sending you or your desired target person an extreme amount of positive energy. This can affect all aspects of life, in only good ways of course!

Pet Spell/Casting $30.00 Per Casting

Is your furry family member depressed or acting stressed? We can send love, light, and positive vibrations of energy around your furry loved one and different types of pets.

Protection Spell/Casting $60.00 Per Casting

At some point we all need protection. Are you feeling strange negative energies around you? Or are you afraid someone possibly sent a curse or bad vibrations your way? If so, this Spell/Casting is designated for you. We will cast a positive energy blanket around you tightly that will help rid and prevent negative vibrations.

Self Confidence Spell/Casting $60.00 Per Casting

This Spell/Casting incorporates a direct energy towards your aura, creating more self confidence and self esteem. This powerful positive energy can aid you if you are feeling less than confident about yourself. You are, after all, a beautiful and very important part of humanity. This spell will aid in helping you know and believe this.

Sleep Improvement Spell/Casting $60.00 Per Casting

If you are challenged with insomnia/sleeplessness, this Spell/Casting increases restful and peaceful vibrations of energy to help you relax. Get ready for peaceful slumbers.

Spirit Visit-Dream Spell/Casting $100.00 Per Casting

How would you like to improve the chances of being able to see your passed-over loved one in your dreams? Are there any specific words you would like to say, or would would want to hear from them?

Most of us have been through an extreme loss of a loved one. The bonds we make with others in our lives can make us feel empty when they suddenly leave us.

This Spell/Casting is a unique ritual that increases the chances of your loved one returning to visit you or your target person through your dreams. When we are sleeping, our conscious minds are resting- Free of the hustle, bustle and noise from life's daily routine. During this state of rest, our minds are most open and susceptible to the spiritual realm.

After we cast out the energies, your desired passed over loved one has potential to receive the energy influence from the Spell/Casting. They just might sense you are open, ready and willing for a much needed "dream visit!" Giving passed over loved ones the chance to come visit those still experiencing physical life on earth can be a true healing and a beautiful blessing!

Custom White Magis Spell/Casting $100.00 Per Casting

This service entails a specific Spell/Casting request designed for your personal and specific needs.

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